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Extreme to Extravagant Driving Experience Days

If you are one of those people who are always in search of the ultimate thrill, a bigger rush, a really scary horror movie, or the experience of a life time that you know will take years to beat, I have some news for you. If you are the one that, when you were a kid, was the first to climb the highest tree, hang upside down from the swing in your garden instead of using it to sit on, or the one that zoomed around the cycle track at your public park faster than anyone else, it is obvious that you will enjoy one of the fantastic driving experience days that allow you to satisfy all of your urges to break the sound barrier.

You probably find it frustrating to stick to the speed limit when driving on a motorway, and 70 mph just does not do it for you, so where else are you going to get the chance to travel that little bit faster without being followed by a police car? Boy and girl racers the world over are usually a few of the privileged people who can indulge their racing fantasies with the real thing, but you can also see how it feels to take charge of a beautifully designed vehicle and enjoy the thrill of being totally in control.

There are even driving experience days for kids, which make brilliant gifts for the next generation of thrill seekers who have outgrown the scariest rides at the fun fair. Turn their parents’ hair grey as they watch their precious children’s confidence grow. They will be amazed at what these small people are capable of, and it is all good experience for when the time comes for them to take their driving tests.

Driving experience days for kids include the Junior Rally Driving gift, for 11 to 17 year olds. They will feel so grown up when they are instructed on how to handle the vehicle, as they work their way up to the grand finale of actually driving a rally car for themselves. Following this, they are driven around at high speed by the experienced driver, giving them enough thrills to last them a long time. How many kids can say that they have had a go at this kind of thing? 12 to 16 year olds can enjoy another of the many driving experience days without having to wait until they are adults.

A Quad Bike Riding gift allows them to hit a dirt track full of lumps, bumps, hills and dips and to let rip with this exciting experience. They even get to negotiate the hazards of see saws and bridges while behind the wheel of these stimulating vehicles. For the grownups wishing to handle something wild and loud, a Half Day Off Road Driving for Two Gift Pack will make them think they are travelling through uncharted territory on an important mission for some secret agency. They will learn to handle the most unwelcoming and difficult terrain, drive through mud and water and deal with steep hills, in a 4 wheel drive.

This is the kind of action that a vehicle of this type was designed for, and driving the school run will never be the same again after taking part in this extreme challenge. If you are not afraid of getting a little muddy, this is the one to choose out of the driving experience days on offer. For a more civilised and sedate, not to mention extremely stylish session, the Classic and Sports Car Day for Two will have you and a friend travelling in comfort in 5 different classic sports cars, such as a BMW, Jaguar, Austin Healey, Lotus, Triumph Porsche and Caterham and Morgan.

If you fancy yourself as the lord and lady of the manor, this will not disappoint, and will enhance your image no end. Enjoy a whole day’s driving, and posing, and travel over 100 miles. If you are thinking big, you cannot get much bigger than a Tiger Moth and Tank. This is one of those driving experience days that you thought that you could only dream about and never actually experience, but you are wrong.

With this extravagant driving session, you get to fly a famous Tiger Moth plane, seated within an open cockpit, enjoy a lesson driving in an armoured personnel carrier, fly in the Dragon Rapide, take a visit to the Duxford Imperial War Museum, and enjoy a buffet lunch and champagne. Bring your friends and they can enter the museum half price. In case you forget this amazing experience you will also be presented with a souvenir photo of your day. So enjoy yourself with driving experience days.

Professional Auto Detailing Can Extend Your Car’s Life

Professional auto detailing may be commonly used in autoshow circles but to the common man, it may come across as an expensive way of keeping the car looking sleek and shiny. This is a common misconception especially to car owners who are not well-versed in car terminologies. To many car aficionados, part of car maintenance is keeping the car looking clean and spotless inside and out. It is not just about keeping the car engine in tiptop shape. It is the complete maintenance of the car, from the interior to the exterior. In many cases, car owners focus on the exterior but do not pay much attention on the interiors. Others believe that as long as the car runs in good condition, other aspects do not matter as much. Of course, this is not always the case. A car needs to look good from the outside and it has to be in pristine condition. This is so when the resale period rears its ugly head, the car can command higher prices. Truth be told, prospective buyers want second hand cars that look and feel brand new.

The only way to keep your vehicle in excellent condition is by regular maintenance check up and professional auto detailing. Auto mechanics and experts can take care of engines, electrical issues, and mechanical woes, but keeping the vehicle sparkling and spotless is hiring professionals who are considered experts in the file of automobile cleaning. This means that the car will not only have to undergo washing and waxing, it would have to be polished and buffed until it sparkles like an autoshow car. This is not just limited to the exterior of the car; it also extends to the interior. With professionals taking care of the cleaning aspect of the maintenance, the car is subjected to a thorough cleaning, which includes vacuuming, oiling, polishing and stain removal. This can only be done with proper tools and cleaning supplies. This means that the cleaning agents used are safe and do not ruin the interior of the car. The panels, dashboard, aircon vents, and seats are cleaned inside out to ensure that there is no massive buildup of dirt.

Professional auto detailing is a necessary step to keep the car looking fresh and clean. It provides extra protection to the car against adverse weather conditions and it delays the onset of wear and tear. This way, the car can still look great even after five years or so.

Car Carpet Cleaner Tips

Car Carpet Cleaner Tips

Auto Detailing is the extreme cleaning of both the interior and exterior of a car. The most commonly used machines to clean autos are car carpet cleaners and pressure washers. To clean the exterior of an automobile and the engines you need to use the pressure washers. To clean the interior of automobiles a car carpet cleaners or carpet extractors are needed to clean surfaces such as the cars carpets, mats and seats.

Why use two different machines to clean your car? Why can’t they just develop a multi-purpose machine that can clean both the exterior and interior of an automobile? The reason for this is that the surfaces the machines were designed to clean require different levels of cleaning. If you used a pressure washer to clean the interior of an automobile this will destroy and damage the upholstery and will prolong the time it takes for the carpet to dry.

Using a car carpet cleaner to clean the hard surface of an automobile or its parts is not good idea. It is designed to remove tough stains from carpet fibers, which is has a different surface from that of an automobile exterior. Auto detailers can purchase from suppliers products that are offered in combo, so detailers can purchase a pressure washer and a carpet cleaner at a cheaper price.

For those who want to purchase just a car carpet cleaner. Here are some useful tips to follow in selecting a carpet cleaner.

Before you go buy one you need to know what your needs are. Buying a heated or non-heated carpet is ideal in cleaning the most difficult parts of a car interior it is capable of doing so since it was designed for these difficult applications. When auto detailing automobiles you must first consider the amount of water to be used and secondly the time required for the surface to dry.

Just remember the general rule which is to use small amounts of water supply for this will reduce water consumption and frees the operator from the burden of looking for a place that can supply an adequate amount of water run-off. It also reduces the amount of time it takes for the surface to dry. If you have a limited space for automobiles for you to dry-off, time is of essence.

To ensure that the drying time is as short as possible you must control the amount of water that is being used, to solve this you need to buy a carpet cleaner equipped with a low flow technology. The low flow technology will ensure that you’ll end-up using small amounts of water when you’re auto detailing. Therefore you end up using less water and decrease the amount of time it takes for the carpets to dry for as low as two hours.

Why Online Fast Car Websites Are a Great Resource For Sports Cars Enthusiasts

If you have a passion for high performance sports cars, than you know that keeping up with the latest news about the coolest sports cars in the world can be a daunting task. Fortunately, the internet has become a great resource for lovers of super cars who are looking for quality pictures, videos, and information about the newest and hottest sports cars on the market. One can also enjoy legendary roadsters and powerful muscle cars. Auto enthusiasts now have online access to exciting fast car websites that are dedicated to providing the best information about the best super cars.

An online fast car website provides sports car fans with an entertaining and educational place to view the worlds coolest and highest performing super cars. No longer will online users have to search through thousands of web pages to locate their dream car. A dedicated fast car site will feature quality pictures with superior resolution taken at a variety of angles, detailed specifications of each automobile that includes the top speed, price, horsepower, fuel efficiency, detailed descriptions of the interior and exterior, special features, as well other important information about the best high performance super cars. Guests and members will receive an up close and personal view of exciting videos featuring exhilarating road tests. Videos that are posted on these sites undergo rigorous quality guidelines to make sure that viewers are getting the best racing videos the internet has to offer. As well, they are constantly updating their sites with new videos and pictures, as well as the latest news about sports cars.

The type of automobiles featured on quality sports car sites include the best performance luxury cars such as Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche, Ferrari, Audi, Bugatti, Chevrolet, Ford, Mercedes, Nissan, Corvette, and much more. Sports car enthusiasts will be able to meet, interact, learn, and enjoy the hottest and trendiest autos in the world. Online users can also subscribe to the site’s RSS feed to help them stay up-to-date on new additions to the site. Some of the listed super cars have so much power that they are considered extreme fast cars.

Quality online fast car sites will not only provide information about insuring these type of sports cars, but there are informative sites that help automobile owners find the most affordable insurance for their own vehicles by providing a free insurance comparison quote tool that allows them to acquire several different quotes from various insurance companies. All that one has to do is enter information such as the make and model of their vehicle and their ZIP code and they will get the cheapest auto insurance quotes. Multiple auto insurance quotes allow users to compare and select the best insurance policy. Because there are so many benefits to becoming a member of a fast car website, it just makes sense for every auto enthusiast to take advantage of this invaluable online sports car resource. All that an auto buff has to do is sit back in the comfort of their home and enjoy the ride.

Everything About The Overall Performance Of The Auto Transformer

Transformers are used throughout different industries since the invention for various purposes and especially for varied transmission and distribution of power supply. It is manufactured in the wide variety on the basis of application usage of the same. An auto transformer is one of the most elite inventions having same primary and secondary winding for the different functions at the time. In other words, the device is required to provide the varied AC supply for different purposes using the one winding where both primary and secondary share a same core. The single winding plays the role of both primary as well as secondary when required. The device is often used to step-up or step down the given voltage and make it usable for certain applications.

Working Of An Auto Transformer

The device is used to transfer the energy mainly through the process of conduction and a small part of it is transferred with the inductive method. As the voltage turn count is same for the both types of winding, it can be simply varied through the changing number of turns. For the situation, the load is connected in a manner that one terminal is joint to one of the tapping and another is connected to the neutral.

Benefits Of Using The Auto Transformer:-

Voltage variation i.e. reducing and inducing the voltage both can be done through the single device but a two winding device is restricted to single application only.
The auto transformer provides smooth variation of voltage as per the requirement of the application no matter the requirement is high or low.
There are two types of loss associated with the operation of the device however; an auto transformer reduces the copper loss during the process to a great extent. Also the leakage and resistance is less as compared to the dual winding device.
The device is compact in size, durable in performance, affordable in price, and robust in technology.
Excitation current requirements are smaller than compared to a two winding transformer.

Applications Of An Auto Transformer:-

Power And Distribution – The device is used in power applications to interconnect the systems functioning at the varied voltage levels. It is also installed in the industries with an automatic tap changing equipment inserted as the voltage regulator.
Audio Systems – In order to adapt the speakers of the audio systems with the constant voltage and reduce the discretions during the system, the device is used widely.