Everything About The Overall Performance Of The Auto Transformer

Transformers are used throughout different industries since the invention for various purposes and especially for varied transmission and distribution of power supply. It is manufactured in the wide variety on the basis of application usage of the same. An auto transformer is one of the most elite inventions having same primary and secondary winding for the different functions at the time. In other words, the device is required to provide the varied AC supply for different purposes using the one winding where both primary and secondary share a same core. The single winding plays the role of both primary as well as secondary when required. The device is often used to step-up or step down the given voltage and make it usable for certain applications.

Working Of An Auto Transformer

The device is used to transfer the energy mainly through the process of conduction and a small part of it is transferred with the inductive method. As the voltage turn count is same for the both types of winding, it can be simply varied through the changing number of turns. For the situation, the load is connected in a manner that one terminal is joint to one of the tapping and another is connected to the neutral.

Benefits Of Using The Auto Transformer:-

Voltage variation i.e. reducing and inducing the voltage both can be done through the single device but a two winding device is restricted to single application only.
The auto transformer provides smooth variation of voltage as per the requirement of the application no matter the requirement is high or low.
There are two types of loss associated with the operation of the device however; an auto transformer reduces the copper loss during the process to a great extent. Also the leakage and resistance is less as compared to the dual winding device.
The device is compact in size, durable in performance, affordable in price, and robust in technology.
Excitation current requirements are smaller than compared to a two winding transformer.

Applications Of An Auto Transformer:-

Power And Distribution – The device is used in power applications to interconnect the systems functioning at the varied voltage levels. It is also installed in the industries with an automatic tap changing equipment inserted as the voltage regulator.
Audio Systems – In order to adapt the speakers of the audio systems with the constant voltage and reduce the discretions during the system, the device is used widely.